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Adding a Saved collection to Your Store

Adding a Saved collection to Your Store

Enrich your store’s content by seamlessly integrating curated collections of sections. Follow these simple steps to effortlessly add a collection to your store:

1. Navigate to the “Saved” Page
On the app’s “Saved” page, view the list of saved collections you have created.

2. Select and Configure a Saved collection
Find the collection you want to add to your store and click on the collection card.
This action will open a new page where you can manage the collection.

3. Manage Sections in the Saved collection
On the collection page, you will find a list of sections added as favorites.
For each section, you can:

  1. Edit Section Name:
    Customize the name of a particular section.
  2. Preview Section:
    View a preview of a specific section.
  3. Delete Section:
    Remove a section from the collection.

4. Create a Page for the Collection
Click the “Create Page for This Collection” button located in the top-right corner of the page.
A popup will appear with the following options:

  • Select the one option from the below:
    1. Existing Pages:
      Choose an existing page from the list where you want to add the collection.
    2. Create New Page:
      Enter a page name to create a new page.

Click the “Install” button to add the collection to your store.

Your collection is now added to your store, and you can access it through the selected page.